I think my children are growing behind my back…

… either that or they’re growing in their sleep and waking up bigger. Or maybe I’m just shrinking all their clothes in the wash, yeah, that’ll be it.


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  1. Someone asked me recently if I stand my children in a grow-bag…


  2. Aw! So cute, your drawings!
    I like to draw too, but I’m not that good!



  3. ohhh it goes by too fast 😦


  4. Your sketches are irresistable. Lovely blog. From a mom of three–teens.
    Kaukab’s daughter


  5. Jessica Permatasari

    I’m wondering..Did you draw everything happened in you family?
    So great!


  6. Oh yes, it literally happens overnight. They go to bed with PJ’s that fit, and wake up wearing something owned by a Lilliputian!


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