Not again!

I promise I’ll draw something nice for tonight’s post but permit me to have a little moan for now.

Oh yes, 6am again, with Gruff, (still sniffing), with coffee, with lovely sunrise and oh, here’s something new, a cold for me too.



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  1. Oh no!!! Must they give us every little sniffle (and more)??

    Lovely sketches – moan away!


  2. Noooo! Get well soon! xx


  3. Hope you get well soon too!!


  4. Yet another entertaining post! Hope the cold doesn’t outstay its welcome.


  5. Hope both of you feel better soon! Once all your kids get a little older, they will have had their share of colds and sniffles and you won’t be battling so many colds. 🙂


  6. ohh hope you feel better 🙂


  7. Feel better soon!


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