Wispering Willow.

In the park, just coming into leaf now.
It’s starting to whisper in the wind.
The girls like running through it’s long branches, twirling themselves around them.

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  1. What an image for the beginning of Spring. I have had a lovely day,, and have come into find this in my inbox. The world keeps giving! Keep drawing, please!


  2. Just gorgeous – I adore weeping willows.

    Did you see you were tagged over at mine? x


    • Well thank you so much! It is fab you want to link my blog on yours. I’m very glad you are enjoying my pictures. It means a lot to me that so many are getting so much out of my work.


  3. I love willow trees. They instantly remind me of my childhood and the hours spent playing in them and up them.


  4. Wow, love this one – gorgeous!


  5. What a terrific picture, not only the one you drew, but of childhood and spring intertwined.


  6. this is an adorsable and such a lovely picture. 🙂


  7. “Like whispers in the wind
    Throughout the day
    Your love calls out to me
    In it’s own special way

    I hear your voice gently speaking to me
    Those sweet sounds of love in my ear
    No matter where the world may take me
    I feel your love everywhere

    Your whispers in the wind
    Drifting on the breeze
    Soothe my anxious heart
    Until your here with me

    I’ll rush to your open arms
    As soon as the day is through
    As whispers in the wind
    Bring me home to you
    As whispers in the wind
    Bring me home to you…”

    – Lobo


  8. Ooh! I love the idea of spring!


  9. beautiful, reminds me of my willow tree at home. I’ll join the poem comments too with this haiku I read once and have loved since:
    bad-tempered I got back
    then in the garden
    the willow-tree


  10. I’ve always thought weeping willows were beautiful. Nice drawing!


  11. Oh weeping willows are the best to get lost in cause their branches are so lovely a smooth!


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