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I’m sorry Millie…

We’ll try and guide you through the Doctor Who withdrawal symptoms.

It’s being recorded for when we get back.

Lady Muck.

Ah they don’t know what they’re missing at Buckingham Palace…

I may be some time…

..really, we’re going camping this weekend and the sketchbook is coming too! I will try and post from my phone but I think I may do a mega collection once I get back in case it looks rubbish.
In the meantime, I’ve got some more daft scribbles to keep you all occupied.
Wellies, sleeping bags, mountains of chocolate and tea and I do believe we’re prepared.
Wish us luck and let’s hope we get some sun.

Food in flight.

Things that I have had lobbed at me today:
Tomato, rice, chicken, sausage roll, egg, toast and a beaker.
I hope Gruff prefers eating tomorrow instead of throwing his food at his mother.

Hide and Seek.

No, I just haven’t the heart to explain the rules to Evie as it’s far too amusing!

Sandcastle Slayer.

Well, apart from eat sand, what else does an eighteen month old boy do on the beach?

Monster Mammy.

God I’ve got bad PMT this month. Feel like poo and my children have chocolate Easter eggs….I don’t think I can stop myself, someone get me some chocolate NOOOOOOOOW….

Doctor Who is back on the TV!

I’m sorry, what did you say Millie?

Three Cliffs Bay.

This beach visit is a must. Another castle up on the hill and a valley that meanders down to the most spectacular bay. Sandy picnic and rock pooling is a must.

Llansteffan Castle.

Just outside Carmarthen, walk through the fields, through the woods, and up the lane and you’re there. Perched on top of the hill watching out for invaders from the sea.

Bring out the slop…

It’s hot, sunny, and my children are pale and pasty. Bring out the sun cream….

Say aaaaaahhh.

And please remember to close your mouth, Evie.

Teeny Tiny Ants.

No NOT the red ones Evie…

Can I dig it?

Elbows deep, Gruff is in soil heaven.

Telling the Time.

A word a day.

I’ve given Millie a diary and she’s flying with it. I’ve always found it helpful to express things I don’t want to talk about in visual form, she’s no different either.


Easter Bonnets.

It’s nearly time for Easter and Evie and I have been decorating her Easter bonnet ready for her school parade tomorrow.

Paint the whole world with a rainbow….

I couldn’t make this up…

Ball Pit of despair….the solution.

Happily suggested by jemjabella and challenged by Alice at spaghettithoughts


Ball Pit of despair.

Balls go in, balls go out, balls go in, balls go out, balls go in, balls go out.
And why, I ask myself, is the point of a ball pit, if my son insists on throwing ALL the balls out of it?


On a sunny, warm spring day in Swansea, if you have a garden, then take off your shoes and socks and enjoy the feeling of bare feet and air before the rain comes and spoils it!

Flying kites.

Been in the park today, the girls squabbled happily for hours over the kite. It didn’t fly much as a result.
A lot of running and a lot of crashing!
The poor kite has more sellotape on it now than kite.

A Grassy Adventure.

Nothing like a spot of al fresco crawling, is there Gruff?

Evie, a Wedding Dress, a pair of Wellies and a Watering Can.

In the garden, joyo.

Food Fight.

It appears that I’ve become redundant in the feeding arena completely now!

In hiding….

…under the clothes horse, shhhhh….
Can I hide too? From the washing?

The Green Man of Clyne Gardens.

Why have I missed this before? I’ve been there often enough!
He was there yesterday in all his green topped glory.

And here is the real thing:

Doodlemum Day.

It’s Mother’s Day and the girls have outdone themselves this year. I have had tea made for me and been told that I am 28 and a half years old.
What more can a 37 year old mum of three wish for? Happy days.
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mams.

The Big Black Chair.


Ooh look, Arnie’s made a friend…


I like the word Fin. Means “the end” in French.
We’ve stopped breastfeeding, it’s been two days now.
Gruff is fine with it, has not asked and is a very happy boy. We’ve cut down so gradually that it’s just petered out rather than ended.
Me, I’m a tempest of hormones. Please let it pass quickly! (until then, there’s chocolate).
Ah well, end of one very happy and successful journey. We’re ready to move on now.
I’ve breast fed my children for a total of 4 years. Think it’s time to order some decent bras now…

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