Monthly Archives: April 2011

I’m sorry Millie…

We’ll try and guide you through the Doctor Who withdrawal symptoms.

It’s being recorded for when we get back.

Lady Muck.

Ah they don’t know what they’re missing at Buckingham Palace…

I may be some time…

..really, we’re going camping this weekend and the sketchbook is coming too! I will try and post from my phone but I think I may do a mega collection once I get back in case it looks rubbish.
In the meantime, I’ve got some more daft scribbles to keep you all occupied.
Wellies, sleeping bags, mountains of chocolate and tea and I do believe we’re prepared.
Wish us luck and let’s hope we get some sun.

Food in flight.

Things that I have had lobbed at me today:
Tomato, rice, chicken, sausage roll, egg, toast and a beaker.
I hope Gruff prefers eating tomorrow instead of throwing his food at his mother.

Hide and Seek.

No, I just haven’t the heart to explain the rules to Evie as it’s far too amusing!

Sandcastle Slayer.

Well, apart from eat sand, what else does an eighteen month old boy do on the beach?

Monster Mammy.

God I’ve got bad PMT this month. Feel like poo and my children have chocolate Easter eggs….I don’t think I can stop myself, someone get me some chocolate NOOOOOOOOW….

Doctor Who is back on the TV!

I’m sorry, what did you say Millie?

Three Cliffs Bay.

This beach visit is a must. Another castle up on the hill and a valley that meanders down to the most spectacular bay. Sandy picnic and rock pooling is a must.

Llansteffan Castle.

Just outside Carmarthen, walk through the fields, through the woods, and up the lane and you’re there. Perched on top of the hill watching out for invaders from the sea.

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