Food Fight.

It appears that I’ve become redundant in the feeding arena completely now!

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  1. Haha! I don’t miss those floor messes!


  2. heehee! it’s a good thing he’s cute – i’m sure it saves his life during times like these. 😉


  3. You may be redundant at spoon feeding but I’ll bet he’ll make up for it with work in cleaning up the kitchen afterwards 😉


  4. Reading the title I actually thought your kids had an actual food fight! Teehee!


  5. Heh. It’s almost ironic really in that we didn’t spoon-feed Isabel, and yet most mealtimes these days she gives us the spoon/fork and wants US to do it!

    So while yours is fighting for his independence mine is fighting to be babied. Kids! 🙂


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