Ball Pit of despair.

Balls go in, balls go out, balls go in, balls go out, balls go in, balls go out.
And why, I ask myself, is the point of a ball pit, if my son insists on throwing ALL the balls out of it?

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  1. You have that in your house? You are a brave woman indeed!


  2. I know…call it a weak moment….


  3. funny! it’s like playing tennis with someone who keeps hitting the ball out of the fence!


  4. You could always look at it as getting to live in a polka dot world.


  5. Hi *waves*… I’ve decided (after reading your blog for a few months and going back through your archives *cough*STALKER*cough*) to out myself from my stalker status. I keep writing stuff here and deciding I sound like a gushing teenager… hmm. Lets just go with it… LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WORK! That totally didn’t sound like a gushy teenager… did it? What a fantastic way to chronicle your kids day to day life, LOVE IT, I really really do.

    I really am starting to sound gushy now, better stop. It’s okay, no need for restraining orders, I’m a world away in Aus.


    • I’m laughing a bit too loudly and scaring my kids now! You gush lovely, It’s quite alright with me. I’ve done enough embarrassing things in my life to out-embarrass any one else I can confidently claim! Welcome and I’m so glad you like my blog. Ok, now I’ll have a gush, it’s just wonderful to have such amazing feedback. I seem to have a lovely collective of Aussie ladies following me now and that’s just fab. Feel free to gush and comment any time you like because it is so much appreciated and makes an insignificant, small mam very happy.


  6. LOL @ jwms1 above.

    Keep him outside and ask him to throw the balls in it, maybe? Just throwing that suggestion out, for what it is worth. 😉


  7. Well I guess that at least you could give him a ‘job’ to do picking them up and putting them back (although not sure if he’s at that stage yet…). (I sent you an e-mail to your hotmail account, by the way, and whilst I would normally not mention it, it just occurred to me that it will probably straight to your spam folder…)


  8. Your drawings make me smile. Thank you!


  9. Turn it around so the hole is at the top, then plonk him in it? 😉


  10. Wow I’ve only just found you, fab stuff. My son had the very same ball pit and would do exactly the same thing. I think we bought it from Carrefour in France and it cost abotu €20, it was probably the best €20 we ever spent.


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