Easter Bonnets.

It’s nearly time for Easter and Evie and I have been decorating her Easter bonnet ready for her school parade tomorrow.

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  1. oh beautiful! xxx


  2. I think that is the loveliest Easter bonnet I have seen in a very long time! The chicks perched on top are such lucky ducks!


  3. we no longer do that in most American schools–I have such good memories of that


  4. lovely. i always think that making easter food is a fantastic parenting activity


  5. Oh how lovely. This is making me think of the Easter Parade song I sang back in primary. I always wondered if the making of bonnets was still being done in schools. Great that it still is.
    Such a wonderful bonnet. Hope your daughter is walking proud with it today.


  6. The only thing we did as crafts in school was punch out coloured papers using paper punchers and sticking them onto an art paper! LOL!


  7. We’ve never made a bonnet, my son finds it far too girly :-)!

    Her hat looks fabulous though!


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