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  1. Ah gosh. This is a sad one :<(

  2. oh wrung my heart this one – Tell Millie it’s never easy being an individual – but even just from your sketchbook her clever, creative, beautiful self shines out. Good luck x

  3. Oh no 😦 big hugs all round x

  4. Bah bullies!! Hugs to your daughter! 🙂

  5. Nothing hurts more than knowing someone is hurting your child. Please update us on this one. All the best. xx

  6. aww, this breaks my heart. i am a teacher and the bullying has gotten worse over the years,

  7. Oh poor Millie! (But how wonderful that she has a mother she can confide in knowing she won’t invalidate her feelings. Bravo Mum!)

  8. This was really touching…literally brought tears to my eyes and made me want to reach out and hug your little one. Tell her to stand strong and be proud of who she is. She seems wonderful.

  9. You are a wonderful mum who encourages her children’s individuality and creativity with much love and enthusiasm always, and I was so sorry to see that this has happened to poor little Millie, but you tell her we all think she is lovely, and those bullies are simply sad because they don’t shine as brightly as she, or indeed, as her lovely mum does (who she clearly takes after). Much love and warmth to you both and I hope you are able to find a positive way forward in dealing with this situation. xxxxx

  10. The poor dear. I really have no words of wisdom to share; only hugs and a ‘best of luck’ from me. Oh, and if it helps, tell her she’s got a whole contingent of people rooting for her (via your blog). 🙂

  11. Aw, how sad. I hate bullies. I hope you get it sorted out.

    On the picture: I love how the socks are always colored 😀

  12. Such a shame! There’s been a lot o f work on the causes of bullying. Let her know its not about her, its about him feeling an inadequate, I’m sure you have! In the school itself, do they have a teacher responsible for dealing with these incidents. In some schools there are mentors, and it has been shown that helping the bully to understand how they make their victims feel , ends the cycle. It must be the worst feeling for you too. I am sorry.

  13. oh no, poor Millie. I think we all had days like that at school though, didn’t we? Not that that’s much consolation to poor wee thing just now.

    And poor you, I’m not looking forward to these days of these things being out of our control.

  14. What a wonderful blog. Just found it. Sad cartoon today though

  15. Thank you all for your kind words. It really means so much. I’ve been a bit short on them with this subject but that is what this blog is about. When I’m stuck for words the pictures can tell more.

  16. Oh no, hope things get better for Millie soon!

  17. All the kids who spend all the time in school trying to “fit in” or stay “cool” will miss out on life – real life. I was the artsy nerd of the class, but I made it thru college and have a cool job and a wonderful family. It doesn’t matter what the kids think of you in school, it will be in the past. Although, I remember how much it can hurt while you’re going thru it. Give Millie a big hug!

    • Thank you, it’s appreciated, as you can imagine, it’s hard getting her to talk about it to be honest and she’s happily enjoying the holidays so hopefully we can put some distance between it. I was similar at school and my husband was too. I know we can’t stop it but hopefully we can try and tackle it positively for her.

  18. oh, how terribly sad. 😥 i hope millie feels better and happier now. i’ll be praying for y’all.

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