Food in flight.

Things that I have had lobbed at me today:
Tomato, rice, chicken, sausage roll, egg, toast and a beaker.
I hope Gruff prefers eating tomorrow instead of throwing his food at his mother.

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  1. I think you’re living my life on the other side of the pond. Can’t recall how I found your blog in the first place, but it brightens my “in box” each day. My Ben is in the same “throw it with gusto” phase. Sigh.

    Keep up the lovely musings.


  2. Gruff is a baseball pitcher in the making! :)) What an arm!


  3. A beaker!!! oh dear! I hope he prefers throwing the food into his mouth tomorrow too! 😉


  4. love it. 😀 what a patient mother you are. 🙂


  5. Little Sister only throws or knocks off her food when she is full. You have to watch out for her sippy cup, it hurts the toes when it lands on them.


    • I think children should come with safety gear for parents and siblings, you’re too right, little ones can hurl a beaker at breakneck speed, you need the reflexes of a ninja to duck Gruff on a surprise assault!


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