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Hello we have made it to our campsite. This is live from my chair wine is included…

Day at the Museum.

Cardiff Museum, fantastic yes?
Well actually it was and there were dinosaurs there. Big, humongous dinosaur skeletons to make Evie faint with joy and Gruff wrap his arms twice around his mother’s neck.
We nearly became the first family to crash into a Renoir but instead we got away with me swearing very loudly instead.
I’ll leave you with my memories of today.
One day Toulouse, I’m going to draw like you do, big huge drawings, and I’ll have the time to do it….

Rain ruined play.

Rain and driving winds and cold temperature ruined our camping expedition. We haven’t gone, not yet anyway. The Welsh weather decided to throw everything at us this morning, so we’ve unpacked the car and are waiting for some, erm, form of Spring to return so we can at least enjoy a few days together.
Things I have tried today in vain attempt to change our predicament:
Shouting at the Sky
Shouting at the kids
Shouting at Myles
Shouting at the Cat
Shouting at the dishwasher.
Wouldn’t be too much to ask would it?

Doodlemum goes live!

I shall be posting live from a camp-site (rain or shine) for the next week, it may be once a day or five times a day depending on how bored, drunk, wet I am..stay tuned and see you all soon.
Let’s hope we all survive without any major catastrophes…..


for who?

Chicken Wars.

We’ve just acquired two new Pekin hens, much to the disgust of our bigger girls. We’re currently refereeing the pecking order spats which involve a lot of feather pulling and squawking.

Afternoon Stroll.

Brownie Girl.

Millie took her Brownie promise today and became a Brownie!

Elizabeth Taylor.

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