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Hello we have made it to our campsite. This is live from my chair wine is included…

Day at the Museum.

Cardiff Museum, fantastic yes?
Well actually it was and there were dinosaurs there. Big, humongous dinosaur skeletons to make Evie faint with joy and Gruff wrap his arms twice around his mother’s neck.
We nearly became the first family to crash into a Renoir but instead we got away with me swearing very loudly instead.
I’ll leave you with my memories of today.
One day Toulouse, I’m going to draw like you do, big huge drawings, and I’ll have the time to do it….

Rain ruined play.

Rain and driving winds and cold temperature ruined our camping expedition. We haven’t gone, not yet anyway. The Welsh weather decided to throw everything at us this morning, so we’ve unpacked the car and are waiting for some, erm, form of Spring to return so we can at least enjoy a few days together.
Things I have tried today in vain attempt to change our predicament:
Shouting at the Sky
Shouting at the kids
Shouting at Myles
Shouting at the Cat
Shouting at the dishwasher.
Wouldn’t be too much to ask would it?

Doodlemum goes live!

I shall be posting live from a camp-site (rain or shine) for the next week, it may be once a day or five times a day depending on how bored, drunk, wet I am..stay tuned and see you all soon.
Let’s hope we all survive without any major catastrophes…..


for who?

Chicken Wars.

We’ve just acquired two new Pekin hens, much to the disgust of our bigger girls. We’re currently refereeing the pecking order spats which involve a lot of feather pulling and squawking.

Afternoon Stroll.

Brownie Girl.

Millie took her Brownie promise today and became a Brownie!

Elizabeth Taylor.


Domestic Drudgery.

Definition of Summer.

1. My little perils are in bed and it’s light outside
2. I can have my cup of tea in the garden and watch everything turn pink as the sun sets.
3. The swifts have returned.


In my defence, she hadn’t eaten ANY dinner….

Question time.

If only I had all the answers!

The Biggest Bunny in the World!

No Evie, you cannot have the biggest bunny in the world.

If only.

Had a day of films with a sick Evie. Have overdosed on Disney, wouldn’t mind a magic carpet though.

Digging for victory…

…for some vegetables, for treasure, for the sheer hell of it. Let’s hope we have some survivors.

Fishy Business.

I can fully understand a child’s urge to jump into a deep green pool full of shimmering goldfish. They don’t imagine the slime and coldness at all. I’m just worrying that I’ll have to fish one of them out!


My girls think whoopee cushions are hilarious!

Evie’s got a gun…

…look out playgroup, she’s armed and dangerous…

Head in the sky.

Millie loves her bedroom in the attic, it’s got the best view. The jackdaws are nesting in the chimney again so it does get a bit squawky this time of year.
Oh and when it rains, she says it’s deafening.

Mighty Boosh.

Poor Dad. He gets home from work to be greeted by loving punches from his son.

No one else is privy to such attention!

Heavy Skies.

Tiddle, taddle, toddle.

Gruff’s not quite walking yet. He’s taking steps here and there but not quite the toddler just yet.
At eighteen months he’s another late walker in our family but it’s not long before I say goodbye to the baby phase forever.


Meet Bob, Gruff’s favourite doll. (Well it actually belongs to Evie but she prefers a pink doll to blue).
Gruff loves Bob, He calls him Bobba.
Bob gets offered drink and toast and sometimes gets kisses and hugs.
Bob gets pushed everywhere in the pram.

And the little one said…

…shhhh, don’t you know kids sleep really well in tents?
Unfortunately they do wake up early though.

Starry starry night.

I love going out in the dark when we’re camping, it’s magical.

Short back and sides.

Brace, brace, brace and please cut as fast as possible before my little wriggler decides to escape from Delilah’s grasp!

What to do in a tent with no toys.

Just a few pots and sticks and he’s drumming like Dave Grohl (well, you can but hope…) I do apologise to the whole camp-site for his singing…and for the five other kids that came over and joined in with the jamming session!

Happy Campers.

Yes very happy campers indeed, no rain, very windy but we all enjoyed.

I’ll give you a few on the spot sketches tonight before I collapse into bed and more tomorrow.


Don’t worry Arnie, Grandpa’s coming to feed you. We’ll be back soon, don’t leave too many hairs on Millie’s pillow.

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