Starry starry night.

I love going out in the dark when we’re camping, it’s magical.

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  1. So true and great drawing. Unfortunately it rained all night long the last time we went camping! Along with other misadventures – not sure if you’ve seen my post about it:

    Understandably, my son never wants to go camping again!


    • Yes I feel your pain!!! You poor things, I’ve been through similar twice and both whilst pregnant with Gruff and Evie. This weekend was most healing. When it rains like that though it’s just traumatic and wretched.


  2. katy seawolf

    how pretty. i love how everything is black and white besides the night sky… quite lovely. 🙂


  3. i think this is one of my favorites


  4. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I wish I shared that love! I still wait till the absolute last minute, when I’m going to burst if I don’t go outside, then run full-sprint to wherever the bathroom is. I repeat on the way back and dive into my tent, zipping up behind me as if it’s got metaphysical protection built in, too.

    I know it’s totally irrational. But some ancestral voice deep inside me screams, “Night predators! GRARGH!” and I keep heeding it, no matter how otherwise rational I might be. During the day. :p


    • lol! I think the night predators should me more scared of me!!;P The stars were so bright and I dont see many in Swansea so it was a real treat, worth a look next time, (but go armed, just in case ;))


  5. I love this drawing. It translates where you were and transports us there.( You always do a great job of sharing your world) I can hear the crickets. One of the great things about getting away is that one gets to take in the beauties that are overshadowed or drowned out by urban life.


    • I know what you mean, it’s been a few years since we last went and I’m itching to be back in the tent again. We’re going at the end of May for a week so Im hoping we’ll get some sunshine again.


  6. We are camping this weekend and I’ve searched for this post of yours tiger me excited!
    Hope you are well. Still check your page daily x


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