Tiddle, taddle, toddle.

Gruff’s not quite walking yet. He’s taking steps here and there but not quite the toddler just yet.
At eighteen months he’s another late walker in our family but it’s not long before I say goodbye to the baby phase forever.

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  1. Claire Dickens

    Don’t knock it hun, Ollie has been like the devil incarnate since he found his feet 😀


    • hee hee! I should be grateful I’m getting the baby phase for that bit longer. Gruff is getting frustrated now and that normally gets my lot of their little bottoms!


  2. katy seawolf

    🙂 🙂 🙂 what a precious picture. this should be framed or put into his baby scrapbook.


  3. Our first was slow to walk. Not so with the second. She was walking by 10/11 months (despite our best efforts to slow her down a bit).


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