Heavy Skies.

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  1. Love ’em.

    Incidentally, have you considered changing your WP theme to one which has all widgets and stuff at the bottom? The side widgets and columns kinda hide away your double-spread sketches.


    • Good call, I had been looking yesterday still havent found one I like but am in the process of changing to a better one. Have you any suggestions for a suitable theme?


      • At a glance:
        Vostok,Duster,Elegant Grunge,Titan

        The following photoblogging themes(with single post a page) might go well with sketches too.

        Duotone, Monotone

        Will let you know if I come across any other relevant themes.


      • Thank you! Have had a go, hope you think this is an improvement.It’s work in progress so will keep fiddling. 🙂


      • Went for Mystique as it’s got footer widgets and changeable background and one column which seems better.


      • Oh yes. It does more justice to your pics now.

        I am facing an issue with comments with the new theme – on the home page, comments link does not appear for any new post unless and until I click on the post header itself and navigate to the end. Does anyone else see this or is it just me? I’m using IE 7, btw.


      • Yes that seems to be a drawback with this theme. I have noticed that. You can either access the post to view the comments or navigate to the bottom of the page where there is a widget with recent comments on it that you can look at too. Sorry!:S


  2. Urgh, I can juts feel that sloshing around my ankles. Love the new theme by the way without the sidebar getting in the way of the lovely pictures.


  3. You are so right about setting targets! All it does is make me feel really guilty when I skip a day or two 😉 I opened up a brand new sketchbook today, love new sketchbooks! Dad seemed to be doing better today but they kept him to put a feeding tube in 😦 Don’t know if I told you, but I love your work!


  4. Hello, what theme are you currently using? I’m doing nature journaling now and need a new look for my blog.


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