Mighty Boosh.

Poor Dad. He gets home from work to be greeted by loving punches from his son.

No one else is privy to such attention!

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  1. When I saw the title “Mighty Boosh”, I thought of Noel Fielding and the Thundra music video.:) But I see you have your own Mighty Boosh on your hands.


  2. Tell him ’tis the (day-long) absence which makes (Gruff’s) heart grow fonder 😉


  3. Our little man is currently at the head biffing stage. He giggles cutely and then launches a full frontal assault on your face before chortling hysterically at your watering eyes. My nose feels really tender at the moment. He isn’t person specific though … anyone will do.


  4. Thats funny. Daddy should remember this cute moment


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