Evie’s got a gun…

…look out playgroup, she’s armed and dangerous…

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  1. My son turns absolutely everything into a gun! Love the new look!


    • Thank you! It took a whole day of me trawling through themes. Its not perfect but I do prefer it. If you have an issue looking at the comments, either click on the specific post or navigate to the bottom of the page to view the footer widget. 🙂


  2. “It’s a drill”.. hahah

    What does she want to be when she grows up? 😀


  3. I was determined my boys wouldn’t have guns or army toys,, then they started to make them out of sticks and lego and wooden spoons. I came to the conclusion its part of learning to manage conflict LOL


    • I wouldn’t had thought Evie would do something like this as she really is so little and normally so gentle. She though it was a brilliant game and so did the little boy. I imagine play is a good way of dealing with these kind of issues!


  4. I love ‘actually its a drill’….!


  5. ‘actually it’s a drill’

    well, that’s you told 😀


  6. I like your work and what you’re doing. Especially the shots right out of the sketch book. I’ve done that and it makes the art work even more real. Glad i found your blog and drawings.


    • Thank you and welcome. It was a way to keep me drawing while looking after my three children. I never imagined I’d enjoy it as much as I have and my poor kids will have mountains to sift through If I keep it up.(which I intend to) 🙂


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