Digging for victory…

…for some vegetables, for treasure, for the sheer hell of it. Let’s hope we have some survivors.

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  1. There is nothing better than getting your hands dirty!


  2. Hello Doodlemum (Angie lol). I tried to leave you a message before, but goodness only knows where it went. But anyway, I LOVE YOU haha. I studied at art school many moons ago and I have been struggling to fit in a reason to sketch every day. When I saw your blog I thought it was a brilliant idea and I started one of my own last week. Its early days and the sketches are a bit rough but hopefully I will improve over time. Anyway I wanted to say hi and I hope you don’t mind I pinched your idea.


    • Wow…..and now that I’ve looked at your blog I can see what you mean. Well I have given my reply some thought so apologies for the delay. It’s fab that my blog and my art has reignited your creative urge. I hope you enjoy your journey as much as I am enjoying mine. It’s a fantastic journey and I can see you have a lot of inspiration going on around you. Get drawing girl and let’s see what you’ve got!


  3. Thanks for replying, and thanks for not being annoyed I pinched your idea. lol Even if I only fit in a 2 minute scribble I am determined to keep trying, and the by product is the little guy (Oscar 2) is now sitting beside me with a sketchbook of his own copying my drawings, he did a particularly impressive ‘witch’ the other day. I may do a post of his scribbles one day soon.
    Kind wishes to you and your happy band


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