If only.

Had a day of films with a sick Evie. Have overdosed on Disney, wouldn’t mind a magic carpet though.

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  1. i want one too. 🙂


  2. I loooove watching Disney. My kids are too old for it now though 😦 I have to watch by myself!


  3. Such a beautiful picture … Get well, Evie! 🙂


  4. Love this pic. I no longer get those ‘trapped ‘ days, the boys are nearly men . the only thing that traps me now is my own blighted condition, so I will still go for a magic carpet. I love the lightness of your touch , in expressing the ups and downs of life. Fabulous. Joy to read.


    • Thank you! You’re more than welcome to borrow the magic carpet too. I do look forward to evenings, especially summer ones. Maybe we’ll have a decent one this year so I can come out from hiding under my jumper…


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