The Biggest Bunny in the World!

No Evie, you cannot have the biggest bunny in the world.

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  1. Oh my god, this is what I do every time we go to Pets at Home to buy my sister’s guinea pig food – there’s a huuuuuuuuge house rabbit there and I always plead with my mum to let me have it. And then she looks at me with an expression that clearly reads: “You do remember you’re 20 years old, right?” As always, loving the picture 🙂


    • This particular bunny was at a Pets at Home store…he was enormous and looked very very clever too. I believe whoever gets him will have great fun but I have enough of a zoo to contend with! Maybe once you get the time and a place of your own you can fill it with bunnies!


  2. I’m really enjoying your work. you have a great way of capturing expressions, feelings and mood. Looks like pen n ink to me. What medium do ya use for the grays and colors?


  3. i love this post! we have 2 bunnies and they are so much fun! 🙂


  4. I saw a comment on Beastlyworlds blog and I thought I would take a look, great sketches and I love your Bunny picture,,,Thanks


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