In my defence, she hadn’t eaten ANY dinner….

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  1. Good on you mum! Son number 2 always tries the ‘I don’t feel well’ too. If he can give me a logical explanation as to how dessert will make him better he can have it. Haven’t had to give in yet though!


  2. We’re at the stage where we are having to follow up threats in a similar way… not pleasant but hopefully only a phase (please tell me it is only a phase)


    • You have to set those boundaries, it’s less painful in the long term I promise! I remember not taking Millie to the beach because she’d run off in a busy place. It was an awful afternoon of tears (we all really wanted to go) but she never ran away again 🙂


  3. You captured it perfectly.


  4. Oh poor you, both of you! It really hard to be firm, but so much better now that later.


  5. Argh, this is all too familiar. Well done you for staying strong.


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