Definition of Summer.

1. My little perils are in bed and it’s light outside
2. I can have my cup of tea in the garden and watch everything turn pink as the sun sets.
3. The swifts have returned.

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  1. Aaah, beautiful!


  2. Lovely. Your point 2. makes me want to do the same, right away. (Except I don’t have a garden 😦 )


  3. That’s a really nice picture.
    Besides – I hated it when I had to go to bed in summer – “It’s NOT DARK OUTSIDE MUM!” 😉


    • You’re right! It is awful, next week we’re going camping again for a whole week so I will be more laid back with bed times. Last time Evie was begging me to put her to bed!


  4. This is lovely! I love this! 🙂


  5. I love hearing the swifts whistling up and down the street every year. We normally have house martins but some sparrows ousted them this year.


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