Brownie Girl.

Millie took her Brownie promise today and became a Brownie!

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  1. I don’t think I know this context.. can you tell me what it’s about?


    • Of course. The Brownies and Girl Guides association have been going for over a hundred years. They are an organisation that young girls join at the age of seven. They get to earn badges in various subjects. They put these on their sash as they earn them. They take an oath to help others. Its a great way of young girls empowering themselves and gaining some confidence whilst being part of a group too. Here’s a link for more :


      • Ah, thanks for putting it in context. We had a Girl Guide association in our school as well (just no ‘Brownie’ went with it). It was also more theoretical than pratical.

        Congrats to Millie. .:)


  2. Oh I loved being a Brownie! Congrats Millie! 🙂


  3. Ahh … brings back memories of my Brownie & Guide days.


  4. Aw that is cute – am also incredibly pleased that the brownies are going strong (and now off to try and work out where our local pack is)


  5. Ah, i love this one. Which one is Millie? I love the expression on the brunette girl.



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