Chicken Wars.

We’ve just acquired two new Pekin hens, much to the disgust of our bigger girls. We’re currently refereeing the pecking order spats which involve a lot of feather pulling and squawking.

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  1. Iwant some!!!! Don’t hink my terrier would appreciate them though, and they would win hands down. Lovely post.


  2. Good luck with that… took ours a while to calm down last time (we ended up with both sides separated in the run) – probably a week before it all got sorted out


    • Yes, we’ve had our separated for the last two weeks as our normally docile ladies turned psychotic on us. There’ll all in together now but the 2 new ladies daren’t come out just yet…..


  3. i have to referee my cats in pretty much the same way. we just added a new one and there’s squawking and scratching and hissing all over the place! 🙂


  4. Loved the drawings. Chickens are basically idiots, but fun to raise. You captured them well in your sketch.


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