for who?

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  1. 😀

    Hey, the comments link and tags etc. are back on each post. Yay.


  2. Nap time is a must for me. And when I can talk one of my grandsons into taking their nap at the same time as mine, it’s a win win , or snore snore, situation. Is that a self portrait? If so, how did ya draw yourself when you were asleep? 🙂


    • Ha ha! Yes it is a rarity to catch some sleep in my house so this was most welcome. Of course it’s a self portrait, I’m a woman and I even multi task in my sleep!


  3. I am sooo with you there. The wee man’s nap times are now not quite so convenient and I frequently don’t get my nap as the big girl is raring to go. I make the most of the weekends when the husband is around though


  4. Too right, any sleep is good and the more I am getting of it these days, the more I seem to need!


  5. I have to pretend to sleep in order for Little Sister to take a nap. take away all temptations of fun, turn off every electronic device… then maybe she will sleep.


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