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This time last year.

…I wasn’t drawing at all. We all went on holiday and I packed one of the numerous, small sketchbooks that Myles had desperately bought in attempt to get me drawing again. I sat outside late one evening and stared at the page, what on earth would I draw? I drew what I knew best, my family.
Here’s to lots more drawing. And here’s to all those artists who have become sidelined, side tracked, ignored, undermined, ripped off or for those who will never be huge or famous or published.
Just keep drawing.

Boy Bits and Girl Bits.


There goes Evie, smack into the concrete step outside. Just like her Mother to fall up the stairs too.

Sunset with the swifts.

In mid-summer, at sunset, the sun just catches the back of Millie’s attic window. If you stand on her bed, you can look out, bathed in red light whilst the swifts scream past our heads.

The Puppet Show.

So, after a mass gluing and sticking session with lolly pop sticks, boogly eyes, feathers and lots of glue, the stage was set for the puppet show of the century.
Well that’s what I was told as I was dragged to a chair.
Not quite Pyramus and Thisbe…

Five Pounds of Kindness.

We were out shopping today and an old lady approached Evie. They were chatting and Evie was showing the lady her toy. The lady then proceeded to give Evie five pounds and told her to buy herself a nice ice cream.

So that is exactly what we did. Thank you kind lady whoever you were, it made our day!

Yello Lorry, Green Lorry…

…note to self, do not leave back door open while children are equipped with dumper trucks.

Flowers in the Garden.

Of course, go and pick a flower Evie, just leave a few for the bees…

Sound Effects (Part two)

Do you speak dinosaur? Evie does…

Sound Effects (Part one)

It’s funny what noises amuses little minds. Even making farting and burping noises can keep my lot amused for hours on end (and me too).
Gruff is currently perfecting car sounds.

River Fun.

Been far too busy having fun this weekend!

Soft Play.

Yes, soft play. The very word causes palpitations and cold sweats in the most resolute of parents.
Remove your shoes and unleash hell….

Swansea Fire.

There was a huge fire at a local factory opposite where I used to work. It contained tonnes of shredded tyres so the smoke carried far and wide. Many homes were advised to keep their doors and windows shut and lots of roads were closed too.
We had an awesome view from where we were.
Apparently it’ll take days to go out.

A quiet moment…

When your children go quiet, it is never, ever, good news.

Pizza for tea?

Can we have pizza Mam? Can we?
Can we have pizza for tea?
Mam….can we have pizza?
We can?
Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

If you build it, they will come…

…indeed they will Arnie. Try not to kill any of them please.

Lord and Lady Pedantic.

I wonder where Millie gets that from? It’s absolutely hilarious to hear the pair of them…
excuse my atrocious spelling too…I hope Millie doesn’t notice…

Rain, Rain, Go away…

…and don’t come back another day. Really, don’t for a bit. We’re getting a little too much of the wet stuff at the moment.
It’s not Swansea, it’s Swampsea.


Ah yes, another benefit to walking has arisen for Gruff. The discovery of booting a football!




Ever feel like someone is watching you Arnie?

Swansea Horses.

A fair few people own horses in Swansea. It’s not unusual to see a horse tethered in the middle of a roundabout or in a park, happily munching the grass.
I have even seen a pregnant mare one day and the next, with a new foal.
They’re extremely tough animals and are often seen galloping down our road ridden bareback by a young boy or two (or even more).
As much as a lot of them aren’t too well looked after it would not be the same if these animals weren’t here.


Get off the strawberries, they’re not ripe yet!

In the making.

Well, where’s the fun in making sandcastles when you can make a mermaid?

Battle Cry.

The Walk to Oxwich Castle.

A beautiful walk through woodland. Minus my toes this time!

Beach Belle.


Beer o’ clock.

Brass Monkeys


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