Get off the strawberries, they’re not ripe yet!

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  1. Its like that with raspberries here… except that we have some stingers in and amongst which adds to the excitement


  2. ha ha, I recognise this! It’s exactly the same here. Because we’re so much further north ours haven’t yet even started to grow and the kids are still checking the plants everyday and asking “when can we eat the strawberries” ever flipping day.


  3. The hardest pests to deal with. You draw children very well.


    • Thank you, I find it helps to keep your vermin close to you at all times, never turn your back. I may be setting up camp in t he garden until the strawberries have ripened…


  4. katy seawolf

    haha, how cute. similar experience going on over here…


  5. Cute! My friends’ kid always say the same thing “I won’t break it. I ‘m just touching it OK?”


  6. An impressive strawberry plant. Ours is a dwarf compared to that. One benefit is that the children haven’t noticed it.



    • They’re from my Mother in law’s garden and were cuttings from last years plants. The ones I bought form the shop all died on me! Don’t tell your kids whatever you do, they’re worse than ants. I’m making a cake tomorrow and will be adorning my freshly picked strawberries if there are any left!!!


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