Swansea Horses.

A fair few people own horses in Swansea. It’s not unusual to see a horse tethered in the middle of a roundabout or in a park, happily munching the grass.
I have even seen a pregnant mare one day and the next, with a new foal.
They’re extremely tough animals and are often seen galloping down our road ridden bareback by a young boy or two (or even more).
As much as a lot of them aren’t too well looked after it would not be the same if these animals weren’t here.

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  1. Your work is tremendous, so simple but very, very effective in its impact. Yoy should be selling prints of this…have you considered using print on demand services such as Redbubble, these pictures would sell. Best wishes.


    • Thank you so much. I would consider it indeed. I would prefer that to advertising. I am considering self publishing a year book in August to celebrate a year of drawings. I shall have a look at Redbubble as you suggested.


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