Ever feel like someone is watching you Arnie?

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  1. This is really cute – we used to do that with our cat as well. 😉


  2. I am still loving your blog My sketches have stopped for now, first I had blogger problems and now we are moving house (next week yikes). But back to you, this is so cute, if you find a solution to cat terrorism please share, my poor kitties are nervous wrecks.


    • Crikey, sounds like an awful lot is going on for you at the moment…keep that sketchbook in your bag and have a draw in between all that packing. Good luck with your move. As for over amorous toddlers, I would advise your cats to find somewhere high and quiet! (if such a place exists) Arnie likes Millie’s room in the loft, it’s Gruff free for now…


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