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  1. Ha ha ha ha. I want a pair!


  2. I neeeeed a pair! Not to stop me throwing up (unless they also work for coughing), but because my beautiful normally-tropical town is FREEEEEEZING! I could do with a nice warm toosh.

    Now, did you explain what they actually are? or was that better left for another day?


    • Well.. according to Evie, they’re knitted and bright yellow and yes, she tells me they’re very warm too! I dont believe hotpants as such are real but I think we may claim the patent if they prove to be successful!


  3. I continue to enjoy your work.


    • Thank you! I do think some days what on earth are you all still here for I must be boring the pants off everyone! I may need to move house as the sketchbook pile is growing…..


  4. Hey…You’re not boring anybody. It’s refreshing to see someone’s actual creative work on a blog, and not just a bunch of pasted graphics or You Tube videos. Even if you were boring people, to hell with them. This is you blog and you can do what you wanna. I’m posting my drawings and sometimes wonder what impact they’re having, but later say ‘screw it’. My blog is for me and my self expression, and not something I have to keep a following happy with.
    Your work is always fresh and lyrical. I check it out daily, but sometimes have no really meaningful comment to make. Keep up the good work!


    • Will do! Never thought I’d enjoy it this much. Never really found a way or niche to fit into in the art world so it’s very liberating to directly put drawings out there. Certainly echo the sentiment that my blog is just that, a means of communicating what I see and think though drawing. Keep it up!


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