Rain, Rain, Go away…

…and don’t come back another day. Really, don’t for a bit. We’re getting a little too much of the wet stuff at the moment.
It’s not Swansea, it’s Swampsea.

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  1. My Mom gave me a link to your blog and I have been watching it for awhile now. REALLY amazing work. I would love to buy a book with your sketches and musings on life.

    I live in Vancouver and although it is the Northern most rain forest in the world, I can’t wait for the sun to really come out. It has been cool, rainy and all round not nice, I won’t say until when because it is still like that. So I feel your pain on the rain…

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    • Well thank you so much for your kind comment! Welcome to my world, and yes it would be a relief to see just a little sun, I’m really not greedy and I am growing lots of vegetables this year so I do value my rain. I wasn’t aware Vancouver had rainforest so excuse my ignorance, but I shall go and have a peek at your blog right now 🙂 I hope you continue to enjoy the drawings.


  2. Swampsea.. haha.

    We’re enjoying the rains over in India as well right now..


  3. Life is full of coincidences! I am the mom that Christine refers to in the comment above, and I had no idea she would be visiting your blog today and telling you about the rain in her part of the world!
    I have been following your blog for quite a while – it is the first thing I read in my Google Reader! I love your work. We lived south of London for a few years, so your blog is often a nice reminder of the bits I miss about your country! Of course, I also miss having little kids in the house – mine are all grown up!


    • Wow hello Mum! Welcome too, how lovely to hear from both you and your daughter. I’m very glad you do stop by and I hope to continue to make you smile. Best wishes.


  4. I’m sorry for you – but it’s a great picture neverthelesss 🙂
    To tell the truth, weather’s being funny during the last few days here as well … It still doesn’t feel much like summer.


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