There goes Evie, smack into the concrete step outside. Just like her Mother to fall up the stairs too.

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  1. Ahhh poor Evie! Oh I hope you are feeling better soon my love. Big hug. xxx


  2. So sorry, hope Evie is as good as new very soon! It is amazing how quickly little ones heal. xox


  3. Awww poor ole Evie and after saying how lovely that dress was today!! Hope she’ll be ok x x


  4. A longer one….Nice!


  5. Poor evie! will had a blood-tastrophe here today too, in the shape of a glorious nosebleed. but my son was more concerned about blood on “baby bear” who had been given to him from school for the night.



  6. Aw poor thing, hope shes ok xxx


  7. Bless her. My girl managed to fall down stairs yesterday and put her now wobbly tooth into her lip. Head bumps are horrible and just bleed. Sympathy to you both and hope that the bruise is not too spectacular!


  8. Awww, poor little thing. The black eyes may take a little time to develop… for her sake I hope SOMETHING shows up, it sounds like she’s quite looking forward to some lovely shiners. I hope she makes up some awesome stories about how she got her injuries. Nothing like spinning a yarn to see how much people will believe to make you feel better.


  9. aww! poor girl! is she doing any better?


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