Boy Bits and Girl Bits.

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  1. That’s just funny. I wish i could help you with the terminology, but i can’t, as this shows;


    • Pipsa! Love it….it’s a bit unfair calling it a hole really but I didnt want to disguise anything and she can’t actually say vagina just yet!!!! Millie just turns and runs when I get all biological. We had the period talk a while back and it was amusing to see her switch off. Evie is still at the “what does this bit do?” too stage.


  2. Willy envy starts young! 😉
    Funny post!


  3. Oh… the age old question… so funny love… I giggled loudly… over my cornflakes… 😀 xxxxx


  4. Hahaha, perfect! I can’t wait to have children of my own. I can only imagine the well of inspiration and creativity they offer. among other things.


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