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Off home.

Tent put away, gear and children wedged into car, home to showers, tea and a comfy bed.

fireworks at caerphilly.

Ill be back tomorrow but here’s another piccie. Next time I must remember my sketchbook.!

caerphilly camping.

Tea Break.

I think my favourite place to drink my cuppa is on our old bench at the bottom of the garden.
It’s just in front of the chicken run which is surrounded by chives, rosemary bushes and lots of humming bees.

It ain’t half hot….Mam.

It’s warm enough for the paddling pool!

Red lolly, yellow lolly….

“Can I have a lolly Mam?
“No I don’t want that one, I had orange yesterday…Evie says she wants cola…oh and can Gruff have one even though he doesn’t eat them so I can have it when he chucks it on the floor….ok?”

Pooh Sticks.

Furry Distractions.

Pot Belly.

Boxed in.

We love a cardboard box, keeps Gruff and the girls entertained for hours. Joyo.

Welcome to summer.

Pyscho Chicken…

…qu’est-ce que c’est?
Gizmo is terrified of her….


Our latest addition. Here to stop the chicken Mafia warring factions.


What strikes fear into the heart of every parent more than the fear of losing their child?
It’s losing the child’s teddy.
In Marks and Spencer’s.
And proceeding to run frantically around the shop shouting”Teddy?”
Teddy was found ten minutes later perched happily on a rail (obviously placed there by some saint) watching hysterical Mammy with much amusement.

Kiss goodnight?


More tea?

I love my cup of tea.
I used to sing this song as a little girl. I’m sure the lyrics are not quite right but that’s what’s stuck in my head.

Look at what the cat dragged in…

… no, really, look, ew…


Garden gang.

Well summer is briefly here at long last. Not sure how much of it we’ll get but our vegetables are looking great.
With the kids help, we’ve planted so much this year that I’m in danger of becoming Felicity Kendall with the chickens and the veg patch.
Although she didn’t have kids.
And I don’t do dungarees.
Fair swap really.

Sports Day.

Evie just competed in her first Sports Day.
We had, Egg and spoon race,

Bean bag race,

Hula Hoop race,

If only the Olympics had an egg and spoon race, I’d pay good money to see that!

Fly Paper – part 2

I believe this is called Karma…

Fly Paper.

Our fly paper caught a very big fly today…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Evie Riding Hood.

I read Red Hiding Hood to Evie and Gruff tonight and they thought it was fantastic.
Evie was not amused in the slightest at the eating up of Red Riding Hood and Grandma by the Wolf but thought it was great that her father then killed him with an axe, and pulled them both out alive.
Old ones are the best eh?

Pigeon Tree.


Gruff is a big snotty mess today, but he has made a huge leap forward from leaving it stream all over his face…

Big Hugs.

I never get fought over like this!

Raining, pouring…

..and I want to get home, quickly.
It’s pouring off our hair, dripping off our noses. Its pooling inside my bra and seeping in my socks. Damn the bloody library closing on Tuesdays and not telling me!
It’s yummy is it?

Mc Skivvy.

They pay people to do this in MacDonalds, they go round sweeping up cold chips and bits of nugget mixed in with whatever else gets dropped on the floor. Little dustpans and brushes on long sticks so you don’t have to bend down.
I got myself one with a pretty pattern on. It was a weak moment and I had my guard down and I bought into the shop’s subliminal message that all household objects have to have a pretty pattern on it.
Maybe someone’s vain attempt to make such a mundane and soul destroying job more aestheticly pleasing. (I would prefer a scene of Dante’s inferno to describe the sentiment I feel when sweeping up mashed boiled egg mixed with peppers and rice and cat hair).

Blue Skies…

…in Swansea. Wow.

Where did all the dinosaurs go?

I don’t know I have no idea Evie, maybe when you went in the garden before, you may have left a few outside. I’m sure I saw a few out there earlier on….

Face Painting.

It was our School’s summer fair today and we decided to have our stalls in the playground.
The kids did me proud in their requests for what they wanted painted on their faces. These are a few examples of what was walking around this afternoon. Great fun!

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