Monthly Archives: July 2011

Off home.

Tent put away, gear and children wedged into car, home to showers, tea and a comfy bed.

fireworks at caerphilly.

Ill be back tomorrow but here’s another piccie. Next time I must remember my sketchbook.!

caerphilly camping.

Tea Break.

I think my favourite place to drink my cuppa is on our old bench at the bottom of the garden.
It’s just in front of the chicken run which is surrounded by chives, rosemary bushes and lots of humming bees.

It ain’t half hot….Mam.

It’s warm enough for the paddling pool!

Red lolly, yellow lolly….

“Can I have a lolly Mam?
“No I don’t want that one, I had orange yesterday…Evie says she wants cola…oh and can Gruff have one even though he doesn’t eat them so I can have it when he chucks it on the floor….ok?”

Pooh Sticks.

Furry Distractions.

Pot Belly.

Boxed in.

We love a cardboard box, keeps Gruff and the girls entertained for hours. Joyo.

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