Raining, pouring…

..and I want to get home, quickly.
It’s pouring off our hair, dripping off our noses. Its pooling inside my bra and seeping in my socks. Damn the bloody library closing on Tuesdays and not telling me!
It’s yummy is it?

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  1. My daughter was doing the exact same thing yesterday…
    Great picture!


  2. what a charming drawing. reminds me of some early xkcd-comics..


  3. Wow!!! came across your blog through postaday.
    Reminded me of how I used to roll on the floor and cry teary eyed,asking my mum to make those sketches in my sketch book for the next day drawing class.
    Then slowly I improved one summer,and a very good and encouraging teacher helped me out.Began drawing for school magazines,bulletin boards etc and people liked it too.:).Sketching is really expressive.
    your blog is beautiful,earthly smell.


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