Fly Paper.

Our fly paper caught a very big fly today…

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  1. The drawings are brilliant as usual, though it would have been easier to see them if they’d stayed still! Did everyone have to have their hair washed pronto?


  2. HA! Very funny. I agree with previous commenter though, that I’d prefer the images not scroll so quickly.


  3. your drawings are so friendly…you feel apart of them…they’re beyond doodling!…talent is there!


  4. You have to get these published in a book!


  5. Hehehe… oh I am loving this one… 😀
    And yes I agree with Mark (above)… This material is destined for a book… I just know it… just keep goin love… 😉 xxxxxxxxxx


  6. Agree — you have the makings of a great book for both kiddies and adults 😀


  7. I can’t believe that! What are they thinking?! Can they not see how many followers you have?!?! Injustice! I’d publish you if I were a publisher, as I’m sure thousands of your viewers would. Keep trying, I’m sure you’ll get there 🙂


  8. Next time, a little dribble of vegetable oil will make the glue let go. Works on chewing gum as well.


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