Sports Day.

Evie just competed in her first Sports Day.
We had, Egg and spoon race,

Bean bag race,

Hula Hoop race,

If only the Olympics had an egg and spoon race, I’d pay good money to see that!

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  1. Hope the egg was hard boiled ! Great to know that all these races are still going strong at UK sports days after all these years.


  2. I love your drawings – they are so alive, with such eonomy of line.


  3. Ah bless her, ours is next week. He’s already saying “it’s not about winning, its for exercise”. I’ve put him straight ;<)



  4. Hi thank you – what wonderful images.
    I hope that you don’t mind – I borrowed the Egg & Spoon race one for my daughter’s party here in Beijing – we are having a British Egg & Spoon race!


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