What strikes fear into the heart of every parent more than the fear of losing their child?
It’s losing the child’s teddy.
In Marks and Spencer’s.
And proceeding to run frantically around the shop shouting”Teddy?”
Teddy was found ten minutes later perched happily on a rail (obviously placed there by some saint) watching hysterical Mammy with much amusement.

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  1. Awww, so glad you found Teddy.
    My *AJ lost 40 POKEMON cards in Mothercare once, no one handed them in and he went into an epic Austistic meltdown.
    I didn’t know then that he was on the spectrum and it was so hard trying to calm him, he so loved his POKEMON.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog today, you really helped me. 🙂
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂


  2. M & S with a small child in tow – let alone one who’s lost his Teddy – is my idea of a nightmare these days, much as I love M&S. There are just too many people for comfort. I’m so glad that which was lost is found!


  3. I know, it was the lure of school uniform and cheap shoes…


  4. I remember those days! Shudder.


  5. Ha! I have experienced this vividly. Only in our case it is a puppy.


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