Pyscho Chicken…

…qu’est-ce que c’est?
Gizmo is terrified of her….

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  1. such lovely scrawny chickeny drawings!


  2. I love your chickens – fortunately neither of ours are currently that nuts


  3. As you can see, our scattiness even extends to our pets. If you met me in real life, you wouldn’t get a sane word out of me.


  4. Hi there Angie, I should have warned you about that…sorry I forgot.
    When you keep hens on their own for a while one always becomes more dominant and can act like a Cockeral.
    She will calm down after a while, once she realises it will be easier to let him keep watch.
    I had exactly the same problem when I got Doodle-doo, Golden hated him.
    She ended up being the best Mummy hen though, out of all of them.
    Great post, love and hugs. Lisa. xx 🙂


    • I hope so, they’re in 2 pens at the moment as she wont accept my 2 new bantams either 😦 It took 2 weeks of her battering them before I eventually gave in and split them up… Hoping Gizmo will get more bossy, far too laid back at the moment.


      • Have you tried just isolating the bossy hen away from all the others, far enough away that she can’t hear them. Just leaving Gizmo in charge of the girls. It might help his confidence a bit, to get psycho chicken out the way. Hens like to be together and it might shock her into gratitude. I know it seems cruel but it is what I had to do to get Golden to back off. I had to change her routine, and make her the new arrival. Good luck.
        Chickens are so much fun I really miss mine, stupid foxes in my city.


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