Welcome to summer.

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  1. and here, this year. It has not stopped raining for more than a very few minutes since last Thursday. You have my sympathy for keeping 3 energetic children amused through the 2011 monsoon.


    • Ah they are equipped with webbed feet and gills as they have already evolved to suit our wetter climate so its swimming in the back garden today and mud snorkelling down the park later 🙂


  2. It does seem like we’re having monsoons in Britain these days.


  3. We just had a rain last week here in Roswell. It was the first since last October. Unfortunately, that may have been our “monsoon”. We get a lot more Sun than most….and heat.


    • Forgive me if I am the slightest bit envious of you, I’m sure you would welcome more rain so I will be donating Swansea’s monthly allowance for August to Roswell. Fair swap?


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