Tea Break.

I think my favourite place to drink my cuppa is on our old bench at the bottom of the garden.
It’s just in front of the chicken run which is surrounded by chives, rosemary bushes and lots of humming bees.

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  1. Sounds perfect, I have a swingseat and a large empty chicken run.
    I sit and imagine a goat in there, stands a better chance again a fox I think.
    Love the doodle btw.
    Love and hugs. xx 🙂


    • Aw did foxy loxy get your girls? Not good, I have been through that a few times as a young girl…most upsetting. We have made fort knox this time and they get locked in too. More to protect them from the kids in our area mind…


  2. Sounds lovely, love… very peaceful. xxx


  3. Even though I rarely drink a cuppa… your drawing, place and thought appeal to me… and I just might use “cuppa time” as my reason for spending long moments on that bench. Cool. Aloha


  4. I need a bench like that. I usually just hover around the chickens, but I def need a bench.


  5. I wanna cuppa there…..
    (I’m looking at all your drawings again, every now and then I start from where you began and read right through…..)


  6. Ooh, it sounds lovely… I can almost smell all those lovely herbs!


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