fireworks at caerphilly.

Ill be back tomorrow but here’s another piccie. Next time I must remember my sketchbook.!

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  1. So cool! really wanted to go to the big cheese – never been before. Hope you have lots of fun. x


  2. Awwww Angie…the castle, you’re making me want to drive to Wales.
    Good thing with our little Island isn’t it, 2-4 hrs and we can be most places.
    I REALLY can’t believe that you forgot to take your sketch pad, I have a new one now, it fits very nicely in my hand bag.
    I’m enjoying doodling random strangers, I did a 10 minute doodle of a guy in the cafe the other day…I called him “Grazing man” hehehe
    I love your blog, it’s just so much fun. Love and hugs. Lisa. xx 🙂


  3. You forgot your sketchbook, but are continuing to draw/post…


  4. So fun to see the story of your summer!


  5. Looks like such a blast (hah) – I loved Caerphilly without the fireworks, can’t imagine how awesome it was with them!! Love it! 😉


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