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beware Bonnie, if you lie down for two seconds in this house, the rug rats will get you…


Check us out, we’re a pack of wheels, paws and wellies!

We’re now one pack of butter, one dinosaur (I haven’t broken the news to Evie yet), one pegasus and a bag of monkey nuts down (but she didn’t really eat them).

Arnie has managed to get within 2 feet of her without Armageddon coming for him.

Our New Doggie.

We’d like to welcome Bonnie, our new doggie to our family. Arnie would not as yet, but I do hope they get along.

Bonnie is only one year old. She’s very lovely and placid.

Arnie is not amused and has spent most of the night upstairs.

The children love her to bits already. She’s had a goodnight kiss from all of them.

I hope to come downstairs in the morning to a happy dog and an intact cat.

Robots versus Dinosaurs.

Revenge is robotic.

Dinosuars versus Knights.

Somehow, this one doesn’t seem fair Evie.

Beans, rain and money.

So glad I planted veg this year, saving me a lot of money on food.

We fight over who’s going out to pick what for tea, have a sneaky munch up the garden on a French bean or five…


Mountains to climb.

How much washing can one family create on holiday? How much!
Wading through the stuff, bored of it now too.

New Page!

Ooh look a page full of drawings from the past week, enjoy!


These men we’re going around the festival offering sweeties to any children.

Obviously mine being well informed about strangers didn’t stampede over us the minute a packet of love hearts was waved in front of them……

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