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beware Bonnie, if you lie down for two seconds in this house, the rug rats will get you…


Check us out, we’re a pack of wheels, paws and wellies!

We’re now one pack of butter, one dinosaur (I haven’t broken the news to Evie yet), one pegasus and a bag of monkey nuts down (but she didn’t really eat them).

Arnie has managed to get within 2 feet of her without Armageddon coming for him.

Our New Doggie.

We’d like to welcome Bonnie, our new doggie to our family. Arnie would not as yet, but I do hope they get along.

Bonnie is only one year old. She’s very lovely and placid.

Arnie is not amused and has spent most of the night upstairs.

The children love her to bits already. She’s had a goodnight kiss from all of them.

I hope to come downstairs in the morning to a happy dog and an intact cat.

Robots versus Dinosaurs.

Revenge is robotic.

Dinosuars versus Knights.

Somehow, this one doesn’t seem fair Evie.

Beans, rain and money.

So glad I planted veg this year, saving me a lot of money on food.

We fight over who’s going out to pick what for tea, have a sneaky munch up the garden on a French bean or five…


Mountains to climb.

How much washing can one family create on holiday? How much!
Wading through the stuff, bored of it now too.

New Page!

Ooh look a page full of drawings from the past week, enjoy!


These men we’re going around the festival offering sweeties to any children.

Obviously mine being well informed about strangers didn’t stampede over us the minute a packet of love hearts was waved in front of them……

Technical glitches and the Green Man.

Well it seems as though the Green Man didn’t like me sending my drawings live from the festival and decided to crash the network (along with thousands of others too).

We’ve just arrived home and may need numerous showers before we can approach anyone safely.

I’m setting up a page tomorrow with all of my drawings on for you to see.



Essential for all festival feet.


We’re a few days in and the kids are looking in need of a good scrubbing. Never mind, the weather is warm so there’s little need of clothes or nappies.

Tents and flags.

Live from the Green Man festival.

All this week. We’re hoping to not need snorkels…

Tales of the Afanc round the fire.

Swimming doggy.

Let battle commence.

What do you get when you get a campsite full of kids, an artist making crowns, and a load of cardboard, masking tape, and bored parents?

Hay on Wye.


The family that went up a mountain…

…and found that the pub was shut and had to go back over again.


21st century camping.

Hand dryers rock!

Camping in mid Wales.

Back home late.

We got back late tonight and I’m pooped.

And the kids are too.


Changing your child’s nappy in public.

Title says it all really, one big battle waged at four feet off the ground with poo thrown in for good measure. Joyo.

The Big Squeeze.

We’re off camping soon for a while and it’s hard deciding what to pack for five people,  so here’s hoping I got it right this time (and the weather is kind to us).

Gruff’s Army.

Lots of them, teeny, tiny little men. Gladiators, soldiers, Infantry, Horses, Normans, Vikings and Roman Centurions.

They cover the carpet and prepare for the onslaught.



Up high, soaring in huge circles.

Looking for sparrows.

Recycling rage.

It’s rubbish day tomorrow. Myles loves rubbish night. It’s his chance to show the planet what caring individuals we are and separate all our waste into pink bags, green bags, food waste etc. etc..

Tonight came the familiar bellow of frustration from our kitchien as my nearest and dearest went into meltdown as numerous plastic bottles gayfully skipped in all directions across our kitchen floor.

Ah well, only seven days until the next one eh?


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