Recycling rage.

It’s rubbish day tomorrow. Myles loves rubbish night. It’s his chance to show the planet what caring individuals we are and separate all our waste into pink bags, green bags, food waste etc. etc..

Tonight came the familiar bellow of frustration from our kitchien as my nearest and dearest went into meltdown as numerous plastic bottles gayfully skipped in all directions across our kitchen floor.

Ah well, only seven days until the next one eh?


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  1. We recycle most things, so we leave out about half a small bagful a week. The rest is either composted or goes in the recycling bins up in the village. Plastic bottles are screwed up small.


  2. Aww poor Myles… gotta say though… am loving the socks… 😀 xxx


  3. LOL you’re fab Doodlemum, you’ve given me so much to laugh about since I subscribed. Thank you 😀


  4. Recycling takes effort, and is sometimes even work. But my mother likes it….Mother Earth that is.


    • It’s good to be faced with your own rubbish, if you ask me we need to go back even further and make manufacturers responsible for all the useless packaging they throw at us.


  5. Have to agree with the ‘useless packaging’ statement. I was buying vegetables this evening and couldn’t get over the fact so many of them were wrapped in useless wrapping. I still remember what it was like to have a green-grocers on the corner; where you were lucky to get a paper bag, let alone plastic.


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