Beans, rain and money.

So glad I planted veg this year, saving me a lot of money on food.

We fight over who’s going out to pick what for tea, have a sneaky munch up the garden on a French bean or five…

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  1. I have so many of your drawings to catch up on! Working full-time doesn’t leave much time for the simple pleasures, like leisurely perusing my favourite blogs or drawing cute pictures.

    We just moved and I already have a nice patio herb-garden. As soon as we buy our own place I am putting in a vegie garden – nothing better (or more satisfying) than picking your own produce and eating it that day. 🙂


  2. Can’t beat what you grow yourself.
    Unfortunately, this year a moose jumped our fence and decided to eat half our cabbages, the broccoli, AND an entire row of peas!


  3. We are ‘suffering’ from a glut of runner (string?) beans, following a snowstorm of mangetout peas. The freezer’s full, we eat mounds every night and so do our friends! I still love ’em, though. The beetroot are also coming on a treat, and the onions are huge.


  4. I envy you! We planted all kinds last year, with visions of living off the land, and they yielded a couple of minute carrots and some spring onions. It cost us more than we’d have paid in the shops for ten times as much.


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