Our New Doggie.

We’d like to welcome Bonnie, our new doggie to our family. Arnie would not as yet, but I do hope they get along.

Bonnie is only one year old. She’s very lovely and placid.

Arnie is not amused and has spent most of the night upstairs.

The children love her to bits already. She’s had a goodnight kiss from all of them.

I hope to come downstairs in the morning to a happy dog and an intact cat.

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  1. LOVE this one!


  2. I would expect there would be more damage to the dog than the cat if there was an altercation!


  3. So the mystery unfolds… and it IS a she… ahh she looks lovely.. and ever so gentle… I am sure Arnie will adjust… given time. 🙂 xxx


  4. If she looks anything like you’ve drawn, she looks a bit puzzled at Arnie, and also willing to make friends. Let’s hope for everyone’s peace of mind they do turn friends.

    Congrats!! 🙂


  5. I await further reports with interest.


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