Check us out, we’re a pack of wheels, paws and wellies!

We’re now one pack of butter, one dinosaur (I haven’t broken the news to Evie yet), one pegasus and a bag of monkey nuts down (but she didn’t really eat them).

Arnie has managed to get within 2 feet of her without Armageddon coming for him.

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    • Arnie is doing really well out of this, he managed a feed last night while dog was out walking. He also spent the night on Millie’s bed again and he gets let in and out of GRuff’s window. He’s winning for sure!


  1. Our (very late) Golden Retriever ate – in rough chronological order – ONE of my Christian Dior wedding shoes for which I’d spent a month’s salary, The whole contents of a tea- table (minus the crockery, he only broke that), a birthday cake I’d made in the shape of London Zoo, plus all the plastic animals and fences and the silver foil pool in the polar bear enclosure; most of a cooked Christmas Turkey he happened to find on a worktop, and goodness knows what else. Keep everything you don’t want chewing of swallowing under lock and key, and you may survive the dog.


    • hee hee…I am beginning to see this. Its move the shoe box time today and I’ve gone and got a few packets of chews and bones to keep idle jaws happy! Still haven’t told Evie about her dinosaur……


  2. Hahaha. Love the ‘wheels, paws and wellies’ part. 😀


  3. This looks at chaotic as walking our basset puppy !


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