Monthly Archives: August 2011

Technical glitches and the Green Man.

Well it seems as though the Green Man didn’t like me sending my drawings live from the festival and decided to crash the network (along with thousands of others too).

We’ve just arrived home and may need numerous showers before we can approach anyone safely.

I’m setting up a page tomorrow with all of my drawings on for you to see.



Essential for all festival feet.


We’re a few days in and the kids are looking in need of a good scrubbing. Never mind, the weather is warm so there’s little need of clothes or nappies.

Tents and flags.

Live from the Green Man festival.

All this week. We’re hoping to not need snorkels…

Tales of the Afanc round the fire.

Swimming doggy.

Let battle commence.

What do you get when you get a campsite full of kids, an artist making crowns, and a load of cardboard, masking tape, and bored parents?

Hay on Wye.


The family that went up a mountain…

…and found that the pub was shut and had to go back over again.


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