Spider Alley.

Spider Alley, the place only the bravest children dare enter.

Brave the sticky webs and wrapped bundles of mummified bugs, spun and wrapped, ready to stick in your hair.

Run, run, run!

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  1. September seems to be the month for them, doesn’t it? We had a monstrous green one crawl across the kitchen floor yesterday afternoon. (Seriously, its body was larger than a walnut and its legs reached further than the width of my outstretched hand). Of course, oldest one gave it a pet name and wanted to know where it went to sleep at night. So now I realise I NEVER want to look under the kitchen cupboards. Ever again.


  2. HA! I love the emotion you capture in simple little moments like these. So genuine!


  3. We are going to give a name to each spider in our house. They come back so quickly that I decided not to catch them anymore…they are part of the family by now. In my bedroom one of them has its funfair, it swings on its cobweb like it was on roller coaster! 🙂


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