I Can’t Stand the Rain…

…well actually our dog can’t.

Not sure how I’m going to break the news to her that there’s something significant about Swansea’s weather to make her think she may need to up sticks or get an umbrella…


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  1. uhoh – she’ll have to get used to it lol


  2. Your weather looks a lot like ours here in Portland Oregon. We have seasons- Rain, Cold Rain, Allergies, and Road Work. Pick any day of the year and the chances of it being 55F and raining are very good. You get used to it though. and it is a little green pot of a place. Right now my neighborhood is a riot of flowers. I’d go walk, but I’m laid up after an injection in my knee. So I watch couple go by on bikes or with jogging strollers. Perk up- eventually the sun comes out, and the grass is green and soft and you can picnic!


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