Behind the cushions.

It’s always the best place to be when watching Doctor Who.  Not normally letting the younger ones watch but carrot cake held my interest for far too long….


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  1. My sister and I used to hide behind the settee and peep through our fingers. Glad to see kids still enjoy being scared witless 🙂


  2. I remember doing this when I was a little lad, and the Daleks were first on the telly, when, between the years 1963 – 1966, William Hartnell played the very first Doctor Who. Although I was the only one in our family generation who was ever to be into science fiction, being the only lad I guess, the girls, being in their late teens and very early twenties at that time, clearly having “other” interests on their minds… like “going out” and “boyfriends”… including your Dad of course, Angie!

    And, I hasten to add, it was our family’s very first EVER black and white telly too… we had never owned a TV “set” before, as it was the early years of broadcasting back then and they were so expensive we couldn’t afford one…

    I was “between the ages of four and seven” during those years… and from the moment that object arrived in our house… I was lost in fascination and awe… and it became my new best friend…

    Big box… tiny, bulbous, shining grey screen… flickering ominously, just in front of the bay window in your Nan’s house…… the only light in an otherwise completely closed off and darkened room… doors closed.. curtains drawn… the cigarette smoke (YES!) lazily drifting in the available light… a shifting, blue liquid-haze that sparkled every time the picture changed..

    And me behind the sofa peering over the top every now and then, amidst weekly moments of sheer, unadulterated and treasured terror…

    Oh such lovely, memorably happy, childhood moments…

    And equally lovely to see that early genesis of a potential family tradition, is now continuing down the generational line…

    Magnificent… I am so pleased… 😉 xxxxx


    • Wow, you’ve just taken me back again, I can smell that room in Birkett Road. 🙂 Thank you for that memory, I don’t have many photos of Mum or yourselves when you were younger, come to think of it I don’t have many of me or my sisters. It’s lovely to hear. 🙂 We shall endeavor to keep such a magnificent tradition alive.


  3. The wonderful William Hartnell at the controls of the very first Tardis…


  4. I saw the image first and your words next and the first thing I thought was “they’re watching Dr Who”!
    Love it!


  5. Gruff looks simply adorable clutching the cushion. 🙂


  6. Dr Who can be pretty scarey these days. Much more than when it was just the daleks. I’d rather be making and eating carrot cake too!


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