That was the name of the little kitten that pawed at our door today.

I ignored it.

An hour later she was still outside trying to get herself killed on the road so I let her in.

Evie called her Mittens and the two of them cuddled up on the sofa.

At half past three I paraded up and down the street with her in a carrier with posters to no avail.

I took her to the vets after tea and left her there to be collected by the RSPCA. (No microchip).

I’m sorry Evie.

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  1. Out of all the stuff I have read today – and it has included stories of children scavenging in city landfills – I am ashamed to say that it is this that has brought me to tears. I’m kicking myself for being so damn sentimental and silly. Cats choose us, we don’t choose them. When they do choose us it’s a big deal. I was once chosen by a cat and it changed my life. ‘Scuse me… I must go away and immerse myself in poetry and politics and forget that ever happened…

    Absolutely ace drawing.


    • aw thank you. I really, really wanted to keep her too. I can’t, I’m still thinking about her today. She will be re homed having the temperament she had. My home is a wee bit more spacious and quieter now 😦 You’re right too, off to find cake…


  2. Well, that’s sad, and I’m sorry for you and Evie. And for the cat, of course … But I think it would be too much for Arnie, too, right? Seemed like the dog was a great shock for him, another cat might be too much and cause hell of a trouble.


  3. That’s so sad. Couldn’t you take her in and write and draw a kids book about Mittens and Evie to cover your expenses? awwww it’s a tough call 😦


  4. Ming the Merciless chose us – I’ll blog about it someday. It was very sad but had a happy ending.


  5. Oh. That’s sad. 😦


  6. I’m a cat lover, but you probably did the right thing. ‘Cause once you’ve accepted one cat into your life, they multiply. We’ve got 3 of the bloody things now 😉


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